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Business help

The website is the best way to find the information you need in relation to Coronavirus (24/7).

If you can’t find the information you’re looking for on the site above, call the business helpline number on 0300 303 0660.

Distillers and brewers

FAQs specific for distillers and brewers on Coronavirus can be found here.

Guidance hospitality & tourism businesses

For companies that have a hospitality side to the business (restaurant, café, bar), guidance and a risk assessment for safe operations can be found here.

Association of Convenience Stores: Home delivery

Many producers and independent retailers are turning to home delivery as an option to reach local customers in self-isolation or unable to travel to their local shop.

The Association of Convenience Stores has issued new guidance on how to start a home delivery service. This can be found here.

Changes to Exporters processing license applications during Coronavirus

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has led to more remote working for both Export Control Joint Unit (ECJU) staff and exporters alike, this is affecting the ability to manage export licence applications and supporting documentation. New interim measures are now in place to help manage license applications during Coronavirus. Click here for information on the new interim arrangements.

Covid outbreak guidance

Food Standards Scotland (FSS) has created a document on managing Covid outbreaks. It will brief your business on how to prepare for an Incident Management Team (IMT) should you face that development and the kind of information you will be expected to provide. Full information can be found here.