Chris Loye

Chris has worked in the hospitality industry for over 15 years in Scotland and Australia. Five years ago, he relocated to the Outer Hebrides from Ayrshire with his wife with whom he runs two businesses. They now have a young family with two daughters under two. This year, they opened a restaurant, Flavour, where their guests can dine in their kitchen and watch as they cook and serve 8 courses live in front of them. They have taken this opportunity to train and develop their young staff and work along with new and existing suppliers to showcase Scotland’s finest produce. They also have a chocolate shop where they sell our hand- tempered chocolates along with their increasing range of homemade products. 

When not in the kitchen, Chris enjoys spending time with his family; freediving; spear fishing, growing vegetables; fruits and edible flowers for the restaurant. He loves to go travelling (he has been to more than 50 countries) - this is also a large source of inspiration for his cooking. 

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