Claire White

Claire White is a proud Shetlander and professional communicator with a passion for good food. 

A former BBC producer and presenter, Claire has a keen eye for a story and a knack for telling it effectively. She studied geography in Aberdeen and Cambridge and has travelled internationally performing Shetland music since 1992. Claire now lives in an old house by the sea from where she delights in sharing her homeland’s larder with the world. 

As part-time manager of Shetland Food and Drink Limited (SFAD), Claire oversees the work of a promotional umbrella body representing more than 90 member businesses and organisations. SFAD’s mission is to increase the production, profile and profitability of local food and drink by providing public-facing promotion, quality assurance and collaboration opportunities. Food and drink tourism is a central focus of SFAD’s work which plays to Claire’s travel, food and creative interests. 

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