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Non-Alcoholic Substitutes Might Not be Such a Sobering Affair for Businesses

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Publication date: 28/04/2020
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‘The Sober Revolution’ has surfaced as an emerging trend in food and drink for 2017 and onwards, in light of growing consumer interest towards health and well-being products on the market. Demand for ‘craft’ spirits and beers also remains strong, reflecting a ‘drink less, but better’ culture. Such factors are prompting innovation in premium, non-alcoholic or low-alcoholic substitutes, from businesses such as ‘Caliente’ (Sweden) and ‘Seedlip’ (UK). Although exerting non-alcoholic characteristics, these products may sit in their own category, outside of the premium adult soft drinks category, which products like Dalston’s (UK) craft sodas, are positioned within.

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