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Root to Shoot Vegetables

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Publication date: 28/04/2020
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Scotland wastes 380,000 tonnes of food and drink every year, of which 62,000 tonnes is vegetables. It costs the Scottish public over £1 billion annually. This is the major reason for the food industry to make innovative changes in the food world and reduce food waste sustainably.

Famous chefs from around the world apply a new style of cooking called ‘root to shoot’ or ‘root to stem’ cooking, which means to utilise every part of vegetables in dishes, such as stems, leaves and peels. Regarding the fact that this style of cooking reduces substantial amounts of food waste and costs, it is also beneficial in terms of nutritional values, new flavour experiences and creativity in the kitchen. By using this innovative technique, the Scottish foodservice, food industry and end-consumers could help fighting against food waste.

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