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Super Cows

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Publication date: 28/04/2020
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Three cows, three farms and 30 days: a project on connecting cows with consumers by using sensory technologies and social media tools. A cow’s life, recorded in the form of data-based diaries, live chats and live videos on Facebook, Twitter and TV, is currently being investigated in Germany.

The industrialised mass production of the animal husbandry; the concern of repetitive food scandals; the alienation of the consumer view of farming from the modern farming systems and the consumers emotional attachment to animals, means there is a lack of transparency and lack of knowledge available for consumers about the modern-day food supply chain.

This uncertainty and information asymmetry has led to a greater interest of consumers to be better informed about the modern food production. Animal welfare issues and the rising concern of the modern dairy sector are aspects consumers are increasingly worried about. To meet consumer demand of shaping a more transparent way of farming, one innovation could be the 24/7 documentation of selected dairy cows providing a variety of information to consumers via social media channels. It is an innovation to improve a farmer’s image, to contribute to a better knowledge-transfer to consumers and to strengthen the trust of consumers relating to dairy farming.

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