Lost Loch Spirits Announces Spirits School & Tour Opportunities

Wednesday, 28 August 2019 Industry news

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Lost Loch Spirits has announced two experiences around the launch of their Spirits School:

The first is a micro tour/tasting
The experience lasts for around 45 minutes, costs £15 per person and includes the following:

  • Tour of the distillery
  • A brief history of gin and absinthe and the art of distilling
  • Botanical sampling
  • Tasting of our award-winning spirits
  • Complimentary Lost Loch Spirits branded glassware


The second experience they offer is their Spirits School
Lost Loch Spirits want to give participants a hands on experience so they can see what it is like to make a botanical spirit from scratch. This can be a gin but it can also be an absinthe or any botanical based spirit. They will teach the science, the tips and tricks, ratios and what botanical's complement each other but the final recipe comes down those around the still. The experience last around 6 hours and costs between £100 & £115. Lost Loch Spirits have 6 stills and a capacity of 18 per session.

The spirit school includes the following:

  • Tour of the distillery
  • Access to the Lost Loch botanical library
  • Provision of all-base alcohol
  • Locally sourced buffet lunch including unique Lost Loch produce
  • Shared or solo use of a 5 litre copper alembic still (maximum of 3 persons per still)
  • Complimentary drinks from the Lost Loch bar (soft and alcoholic)
  • Complimentary Lost Loch goodie bag
  • £5 discount of any of our distilled products
  • 50cl bottle of your product with bespoke printed label

Lost Loch Spirits have a massive range of over 100 botanicals which includes everything from mushrooms to marigold flowers. Participants will get hands on with stills and all the tertiary equipment used in the production of a botanical spirit. The bar will be open all day so participants can indulge as they create. They offer an experience that is both fun and educational. Lost Loch Spirits record all recipes produced and if participants want a recipe remade in any volume we can produce it for them at a later date. They want participants to leave with a real understanding of how a botanical spirit is made and to get an insight into how a craft distillery operates.

Lost Loch Spirits also offer bespoke private bookings where they can tailor the experience.

For private bespoke bookings they can be contacted on

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