New and Innovative Seaweed Snacks hit the UK Market

Friday, 08 May 2020 Scotland Food & Drink Industry news

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SHORE The Scottish Seaweed Co. has launched a brand-new range of Seaweed Cluster Snacks; with the aims to boost its portfolio and offer consumers another innovative seaweed product in the healthy snacking category.

Made from 100% sustainable Scottish seaweed, SHORE Seaweed Clusters offer consumers the many health benefits of this historic superfood, in a tasty and convenient on-the-go vegan snacking format.

The four strong range comes in the following variants:

  • Seaweed & Edamame (Sweet Wasabi)

  • Seaweed & Chia (Tangy Tomato)

  • Seaweed & Oat (Fruity Cranberry)

  • Seaweed & Nut (Almond Butter)

Each of the 4 delicious variants has been specifically designed to support different health benefits

  • Seaweed & Edamame - Fibre

  • Seaweed & Chia – Omega 3

  • Seaweed & Oat - Energy

  • Seaweed & Nut – Protein

SHORE’s Seaweed Clusters are made with a source of sustainable seaweed from the remote shores around Wick, Northern Scotland, where low population density and large tidal flows provide a clean, cool, unpolluted waters for nutrient rich seaweed to flourish in.

SHORE’s dedicated harvesters hand pick the seaweed in season and in tune with the tides, selecting for the best quality and tasting plants to go into each pack of Seaweed Clusters. The team only collect a limited quota of each crop and cut every plant by hand to allow for regrowth, meaning the whole process is totally sustainable.

Once airdried, concentrating its goodness, the seaweed is mixed to create a unique seaweed blend used in SHORE’s Seaweed Clusters.

With seaweed being more nutritious than just about any land plant, SHORE Seaweed Clusters, which are made with the equivalent of 20g of fresh seaweed per pack, are rich in minerals such as iodine, low in calories as well as being a great source of soluble fibre and antioxidants.

Keith Paterson, Managing Director at SHORE comments,

“At SHORE our mission is to create a healthy and vibrant seaweed industry in Scotland, that is sustainable, good for the coastal environment and beneficial for our local rural communities.
“Within a fast growing and competitive healthy snacking market, we’re confident that our new Seaweed Cluster Snacks stand out and offer something truly unique and innovative to the consumer that is healthier yet does not compromise on taste.”


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