A plan for smart recovery

A joint, industry and Scottish Government programme for Scotland’s farming, fishing, food and drink sector.

Recovering from Coronavirus and fuelling Brexit preparation

The pandemic changed everything and the next great disruptor, Brexit, is on the horizon. So we must adapt to the new realities – and make them work for us.

This plan amplifies and accelerates the current core work of the Scotland Food & Drink Partnership in delivering Ambition 2030. Critically though, it adds new catalyst actions to jump start and expediate the recovery.

>> A plan for smart recovery 



There has already been remarkable resilience and innovation shown by food and drink businesses in responding to the pandemic, whether that being the finding of new routes to market themselves or in the actions they have taken to support their workforce and the communities around them. However, we now need to help drive the recovery and at the same time, prepare for – and adapt to - the great disruption and uncertainty that the end of the Brexit transition period will inevitably bring to the sector.

Fergus Ewing, Cabinet Secretary of Rural Economy and Tourism

Next steps

This plan is about fuelling an agile recovery from Coronavirus and preparing for Brexit. And our unique partnership approach will be central to future success, driving benefit and sustainable returns from farmgate to plate, from sea to shelf.

The plan is focussed on tangible action to do two things: to stimulate demand and markets in Scotland, the UK and overseas; and to support businesses to take advantage of those opportunities through direct support interventions and industry-wide programmes.

We’re also starting on a longer-term review of our Ambition 2030 strategy, to ensure our sector can play a central role in reshaping Scotland’s economy. We’ll keep you informed on this.


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Covid-19 response

From the start of the pandemic, the Scotland Food & Drink Partnership has worked hard to provide practical, fast support to businesses of all sizes and the UK and Scottish Government has provided welcome financial support to many businesses across the industry to help them weather the storm.

All of this can be found on the Coronavirus Hub

Initiatives to support your recovery

Stimulating demand and markets at home and overseas and supporting businesses to take advantage of those opportunities.

The Academy

The Academy is a unique, market-focused, and commercially orientated training programme that helps Scottish food and drink businesses

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Support Local

Connecting you with food and drink producers from around Scotland. From bread to beer and fish to fresh produce. Shop local and support businesses in your local area.

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Updates and advice for food and drink businesses

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Market development

Your key to unlocking new markets and planning for growth

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Market intelligence

We turn information into actionable insights for daily decision-making and strategic planning, helping you to navigate the ever-changing food and drink landscape

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