Showcasing Scotland Regional: Buyers

A local or regional buyer for a major supermarket retailer, group foodservice chain, a public procurement specialist, regional wholesaler or independent operator looking to source the very best produce for your business.

As a buyer of food and drink, you understand the power of fantastic quality products. That provenance and a strong story has serious selling power. That Scottish consumers’ pride in our food and drink is powerful. And our research confirms it.

Scotland Food & Drink commissioned ‘Provenance Perceptions’ shows that there is a clear and growing consumer demand for quality, locally produced Scottish products. Local shoppers and foodservice customers, as well as from the growing number of visitors and tourists seeking authentic food and drink experiences, offers huge opportunities for food and drink providers looking to grow their customer base.

What is the format of the events?

Each event is free to attend and varies slightly but you’ll always meet a wide range of carefully selected suppliers of quality, premium, regional food and drink products.

We encourage you to sign up to our pre-event diary system. We like to think of this session as our speed-dating element, where you can pre-arrange one-to-one meetings. This enables you to match directly with the types of suppliers you are looking for.

If you’re short on time or prefer being flexible there’s always an exhibition session, offering you a time-efficient way to meet the many food and drink producers that local shoppers and tourists are increasingly seeking to experience and enjoy.

So if you are an independent retailer or wholesaler, a restaurant or café, bar or deli, accommodation provider or tourist destination, we invite you to join us at Showcasing Scotland Regional. We will introduce you to some of a region’s best local food and drink suppliers in one day, under one roof.

Upcoming events

Showcasing Scotland West

Takes place on Thursday 5th March at the SEC, Glasgow, following on from the Scottish Tourism Alliance Signature Conference - Scotland, Delivering 21st Century Tourism. This is an unmissable opportunity for delegates from across the hospitality and tourism spectrum, to do business with more than 70 superb food and drink suppliers from across the country.


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