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At Casella & Polegato, an Italian Bakery based in Perth, we bake everything using traditional recipes —and we do so on principle! These methods are naturally based on traditional recipes, which we’ve naturally moulded and amended for our modern take on classics. One thing we will never modify is our love for our handicraft. To bake and make the best bread and baked goods, you naturally have to be willing to get your hands dirty! Our mission is not just to make Perth's best bread, but naturally also to serve up the freshest food in the city and create handcrafted moments of bliss with our creations.

We make our bread with of our handcrafted MOTHER DOUGH and organic flour, except for the semolina bread; that flour comes from Italy. We use the best possible ingredients from local suppliers and give our dough at least 24 hours rest before it’s baked in our steam oven. With the same technique we are offering pizza and focaccia sliced and a selection of Italian pastries.

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40 George St, Perth PH1 5JL, UK