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Naturally fermented vegetables. Small batch, artisan, tasty, crunchy, live, unpasteurised & raw. We lacto ferment vegetable naturally mixing traditional techniques with a modern twist to bring you delicious and healthy additions to your meals.

Since the markets were cancelled we have been offering local delivery from EH1-EH16 on Saturdays.

Cracking Kimchi – Our bestseller, a traditional Korean favourite, mildly spicy, goes great with any Asian dishes, scrambled eggs,  sandwiches and a

Great Taste award winner.

Stoatin’ Sauerkraut – Fantastic on sandwiches, on cheeseboards, tacos, baked potatoes or anywhere you’d normally use chutney or sauce.

Magic Mojito – Our Great Taste award winning kraut with mint and lime, amazing with roast lamb or a vegan alternative to raita and delicious on spicy foods.
Great Taste award winner.

Braw Slaw – Pairs perfectly with cheese, gourmet sausage rolls, black pudding & avocado on sourdough.

Ginger Kraut – Great on currys, salads, wraps or mixed with rice Japanese style.

Hungarian Sour - Our most traditional Kraut. Goes well with every thing.

Oohyabeauty Onions - If you like pickled onions you’ll love these! Perfect with halloumi and peppers.

Thieves Vinegar - Great Taste award winner. Kombucha vinegar infused with herbs and spices. I like a shot in the morning as a health tonic, but you can also use it in salad dressings and cocktails. Great Taste award winner.

Fermented Figs - Great Taste award winner. Delicious with cheese, on your porridge or with yoghurt. Great Taste award winner.

SCOBY- This is a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast. The culture you need to make your own Kombucha (a fermented tea drink). Don’t worry it comes with instructions.

It is important to make sure when you buy fermented vegetables that you buy products that need refrigerated. Sauerkrauts on the supermarket shelves have been pasteurised and have none of the mentioned health benefits.

We are adding products from other local businesses including Seabuckthorn Scotland, Edinburgh Honey Co and Miel Botanicals with more to be added very soon.

When I started eating fermented foods my health changed for the better. After years of cutting various things out of my diet, I found that adding fermented food and drinks to a healthy balanced diet put my system back in balance. So simple, I couldn’t believe it! Although there are numerous health benefits to eating fermented foods, lets not forget the amazing flavour! Fermentation creates complex flavours which can't be replicated by chemical additives, vinegar or spices.

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