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Trossachs Distillery in Callander, Perthshire, overlooked by the majestic Ben Ledi, is the home of McQueen Gin, handcrafted with Passion, Honesty and Integrity. We are The Original Spirits Mavericks, ripping up the rule book and blazing our own path with True Flavour Gin.

McQueen Super Premium Dry Gin.

Distinctively dry gin with unmistakable McQueen Character. The nose is juniper led with a clean distinct forestry aroma. A burst of juniper gives way to a creamy rich vanilla sweetness with a light spice, ending with a crisp lime finish.

McQueen Sweet Citrus Gin.

Bursting with citrus alongside some of the lighter juniper and coriander floral notes. This refreshing gin comes with lots of citrus mixed with creamy vanilla and then the sweetness of the honeydew melon. This has a fabulous combination of sweetness and zestiness.

McQueen Mocha Gin. Rich, full-bodied chocolate notes entwined with dark roasted coffee and a hint of juniper. Very aromatic with a smooth texture, starting off with a combination of juniper and coriander, this then switches to a dark, bitter roast. The palate is then enveloped in rich cocoa and ends on strong coffee notes with the chocolate lingering.

McQueen Mint Chocolate Gin. A great mix of gin flavours and signature chocolate mint. Juniper and coriander up front, followed on by a fresh garden mint that transforms into dusky chocolate notes, then finishes on a combination of chocolate and mint.

McQueen Smokey Chilli Gin. Strong coriander notes from the start with the juniper coming a moment later, this then turns to a wooden chilli flavour with a great smokiness to it. A nice heat then forms in the mouth building on each sip leaving you with dry, savoury chilli notes.

McQueen Spiced Chocolate Orange Gin. Bursting with flavour, the first hit of orange is entwined with more floral juniper notes. Orange then takes centre stage with the spices building in the background, ending with rich cocoa enveloping the palate for a moment and leaving you with a lingering zesty spice.

McQueen Forest Fruits Gin. Arriving on the palate with a beautiful blend of forest fruit flavours, add premium tonic water to this striking blue gin and sit back and watch as it transforms to a delicate pink colour. (Exclusive to Aldi UK)

McQueen Premium Pink Gin. Packed with natural notes of fresh raspberry and cranberry, this statement gin might look loud, but its flavours are beautifully balanced and delicate to taste. (Exclusive to Aldi UK)

McQueen Coconut & Lime Gin. Bringing a true taste of the Caribbean to the world of gin, this world-first flavour is as tropical as it sounds, with the perfect mixture of coconut, lime and natural juniper notes to take you to that exotic haven you desire.

McQueen Violet Gin. Infused with violet, this stylish gin has a light, delicate taste with juniper emerging as it travels across the palate. The stunning colour and aroma of this gin provides the perfect twist from a classic G&T and the perfect ingredient for experimenting with unique cocktails.

McQueen Clementine and Cinnamon. Wonderfully fruity with clementine citrus then the subtle heat of cinnamon. This delicious balance of flavours is backed by the unmistakable juniper character of all McQueen Gins and is presented with a clementine orange appearance

McQueen Black Cherry and Vanilla. Dark and mysterious, the Black Cherries give a rich deep flavour which is complemented perfectly with a subtle blanket of smooth vanilla. Imagine a Black Forest Gateaux in a glass, truly decadent. This delicious balance of flavours is backed by the unmistakable juniper character of all McQueen Gins and is presented with a dark mysterious purple appearance

McQueen Raspberry and Vanilla. Wonderfully bright and sharp raspberry is complemented perfectly with a subtle blanket of smooth vanilla. A truly delicious combination of notes backed by the unmistakable juniper character of all McQueen Gins.

McQueen Blood Orange and Cranberry. This gin tastes as vibrant as it looks. Luscious deep blood orange notes with a hint of sweetness are offset by a lovely tart cranberry finish. Ideal on a winter's night in a tall glass with big ice and a premium tonic.

McQueen Rhubarb and Ginger Delightfully sharp yet sweet. Bringing Back memories of your Mothers Rhubarb Crumble with a slight hint of grated ginger. Bursting with sweet rhubarb and a hint of heat from oriental ginger.

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