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Dumfries and surrounding area


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Small batch artisanal rum distillery, making rum from scratch from sugar cane molasses. The distillery ferments, double distils, and bottles in the heart of Dormont Estate, Dumfriesshire.

Ninefold Distillery is the only rum distillery in Dumfries & Galloway. Currently we sell an unaged pure single rum (aka white rum), made from scratch at the distillery. Each batch or around 250-300 bottles takes 2 weeks to make, making the distillery truly artisanal.

Some of our rum has gone into oak casks for maturation. The distillery includes a warehouse under bond, with space for 300-odd casks. We’re aiming for single cask releases from the distillery, starting later this year, alongside plans for a spiced rum made with our signature unaged spirit.

Currently the distillery is licensed for off-sales of bottles of rum, including local pickup and deliveries. We can also fulfil orders, via Royal Mail, to the rest of Mainland UK. Details are on our website.

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Dormont Home Farm, Dalton, Lockerbie DG11 1DJ, UK