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We make Pickering’s Gin in the distillery we built ourselves, from scratch, in the heart of Edinburgh. 

When we opened Summerhall Distillery, it was the first exclusive gin distillery to be established in Edinburgh for over 150 years. 

Our gin is based on an original 1947 recipe. It features nine Bombay botanicals, engineered by us to create Pickering’s famous full-bodied flavour with perfect bitter-sweet balance.

We have enGINeered a range of gins all based on an old Indian recipe. Pickering’s Gin, is our classic London Dry, modern style gin. A ‘ginny’ gin. Juniper, led with a soft citrus and finishing with a lingering Indian spice.

We also have Pickering’s 1947 Gin, which follows our 70+ year old recipe to the letter. A flavour of what gin used to taste like when it was used for medicinal purposes. A much less juniper forward gin, the emphasis is very much on the spices used to create the wonderful flavours of the Indian subcontinent.

We have a range of other gins and liqueurs to choose from too, all based on that old Indian recipe.

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