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Also available wholesale through Huffmans and Royal Mile Whiskies. 

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Valentian Vermouth is an innovative range of super-premium vermouths. The first vermouth in the world to be enriched with a strong Scottish malt barley spirit, usually reserved for making single malt whisky. This spirit enriches the flavours of zesty Italian wine. Our wine is sourced directly from small batch producers in Italy, while only barley grown within 35 miles of the distillery makes it into our malt spirit.

Our introductory product is a sweet red expression Valentian Rosso is a rich yet delicate vermouth with aromas of bergamot, red summer fruits and malt barley on the nose, lightly candied orchard fruits and gently herbaceous on the palate - a beautiful balance of bitter and sweet. Botanicals include rhubarb, sage, laurel, gentian root, liquorice root, ginger, sweet and bitter orange, three varieties of wormwood, cinnamon and bergamot.

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