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We handcraft kick-ass fermented food products in Aberdeen, Scotland! We have a mission to reduce food waste by using as much perfectly edible but imperfect, surplus produce as possible to craft our raw, unpasteurised, naturally nutritious fermented food products. In our range we have 3 types of sauerkraut and a fiery kimchi which add colour, unique flavours and a punch of live cultures to any meal or snack.

Crafty Kraut - I'm the bad-ass namesake of the Crafty Pickle Co. range. Tangy, fizzy and fresh slap me on your sausages or just straight in your gob, we don't care just get it in you! Eat me with... sausages (veggie or meat we won't judge), potatoes (any which way), stews, soups, or (and we highly recommend this) straight from the jar.

Reclaimed Red Kraut - The name is Reclaimed Red, though I'm actually purple (‘cause we really don't care what you think). My oniony, mustardy goodness will sucker punch you in the face and leave your tongue purple. Eat me with... avo on toast, pan-fried fish (yes we're that fancy), eggs (poached, boiled or fried we don't care) or (and we highly recommend this) straight from the jar!

Not Your Nana’s Piccalilli Kraut - I'm certainly not how your nana would do it but, sorry guys, I'm next level piccalilli sauerkraut. Crunchy and fresh with a sour hit that will kick your nana's walking stick right from under her. Eat me with... plough-man’s (ALL THE CHEESE), cured meats, sandwiches of all shapes and sizes or (and we highly recommend this) straight from the jar.

Katz Kimchi - Named after the Crafty Pickle inspirator (this is so a real word) Sandor Katz, legendary fermentationist (also a word). Hopefully he'll approve of our spin on traditional kimchi, given a food-waste make-over. I'm crafted using commonly wasted cauliflower leaves instead of chinese cabbage. Don't knock it 'til you've tried it! Eat me with... cheese toasties,  use to fire-up stir-fries and then cool down with an icy pint of beer or (and we highly recommend this) straight from the jar!

We also like to get creative in the kitchen so every now and then offer one-off limited batch ferments too!


Disclaimer: vegetables were harmed in the making of these products

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