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Mustheb is an artisan mustard, handmade in small batches with best ingredients, sourced locally and from all over the world. Every jar is filled with love and care, ensuring its distinctive taste; produced in The Isle of Harris is it a Must-have from the Hebrides.

We are Scotland’s most westerly mustard maker and proud of our mustardy creations such as Chilli mustard, White Wine-Honey mustard, Liquorice mustard, Garlic mustard, Curry-Pineapple mustard, 8-Pepper mustard, Sweet mustard, and a Christmas edition. All varieties are equally successful. Our customers love the good taste, the uniqueness and the story behind.

The production process is very traditional, not with a technique geared towards mass production. We are clearly focused on quality. All ingredients are sourced organically, whenever possible and are processed with love and care to a premium product. Good things take time, and so our mustard also needs time to mature. On the Isle of Harris, tranquillity and relaxation set the daily routine - just the right place to become a good mustard.

Tasting are available on fairs and festivals around the Western Isles and Scottish mainland. Find Mustheb in selected store, online and directly at the mustard shack from the roadside in Leverburgh, South-Harris.

Mustheb: a Must-have from the Hebrides.

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