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All I want for Christmas

The advent calendars are operational and this weekend we get our tree and start the preparations for Christmas 2021. The turkey has been ordered and a lot of the presents already hidden, both bought through shopping from the comfort of my armchair.

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Don't lose sight of the opportunities

It’s been a long year, a long two years in fact and I’m looking forward to some time off over the school holidays to recharge the batteries as we head into the last few months of 2021. But we’re not there yet, as we see the recovery from Covid and lockdowns continue we are now witnessing the impact that the lack of labour is having not only in our own industry but also sectors.

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The future of our food

At the recent Scottish Food and Drink Industry’s virtual conference, entitled “The Knowledge Bank”, Brian Richardson, Head of Agriculture for Virgin Money, congratulated the sector on its effective response to the pandemic, and predicted what challenges the post-covid world will produce. Brian reviewed the turmoil of Brexit, with the search for the elusive frictionless borders that had been promised. However, without reaching a satisfactory solution, the industry was plunged into the chaos of Covid.


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Blue skies ahead

After what feels like weeks of glorious sunshine, the MET Office has issued a wet weather warning as most of the UK was battered with nearly a month’s worth of rain in one day. The little sweetcorn seeds my father sent me all the way from Bangor, are now swimming for their lives and what had become a somewhat regular post-work drink in the garden – surely one of the benefits of enforced home working – has been put on hold for now.

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Opening time

A slow return to a new normal is now underway and consumer confidence is rising. Thanks to more and more of us being vaccinated, and with the lockdown easing, we are gradually gaining access to a life beyond our own homes. The impact of these changes are now being witnessed in our hospitality sector as well as grocery retail.

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Returning to the new normal

Times flies. It’s the end of August already and the major news from our house is that school is back. Which means routine has returned, packed lunches are the order of the day and I’ve dusted off my chauffeur’s hat. I do enjoy the summer holidays where everything is a little bit more relaxed and with the added bonus in recent weeks, of being able to get out and about a bit more enhancing all of our moods in the Brown household.

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Category insight

Understanding the performance of key categories in the local and UK market is important to support your growth plans and ambitions.


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The category snapshots from The Knowledge Bank will give you top line insight on what is driving performance in categories.

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