Based in Scotland, Dawnfresh is one of the UK’s largest processors of fish and seafood. While especially renowned for its work with trout and salmon, it also creates added value products using a broad range of species - including mackerel, haddock and prawns.

Dawnfresh has been an active member of Scotland Food & Drink since 2012. As part of membership, it is entitled to access a number of member benefits including access to relevant market and category insight tailored to its individual needs. This includes one free day of consultancy (worth £650) and discounted rates thereafter through our UK Market Intelligence team.

In late 2015, Dawnfresh was looking for specific information on shoppers of a particular major retailer and contacted Rick Allison, UK Market Analyst at Scotland Food & Drink, for help.

Russell Donaldson, Head of Marketing at Dawnfresh, tasked Rick to help with the consumer insights it required; “We contacted Rick in November to discuss a project we had coming up in December for a major UK retailer. We asked if he had any specific information on the retailer’s shoppers as we had a few gaps in our data and needed the information to build an accurate, up-to-date consumer profile.”

“Rick sent us through the information we requested within a few days which outlined the retailer’s chilled fish data, category information and customer demographics. The insight and data received was perfect for our project. It showed some interesting facts about the habits of a fish shopper, and how they were moving to online channels.”

“The insight Rick provided us with aided our presentation to the category team at the retailer. Using the data and building around it, we demonstrated to the buyers that we had a comprehensive understanding of the market and their consumers.”

“Having the latest data helped strengthen our position with the customer, it helps us to build lasting relationships, and makes our product offering more relevant. As a result, our commercial standing with this retailer continues to improve, and we will grow our business with them in the next financial year.”

Russell was very happy with the service Rick provided; “He was very professional and sent the information we required through quickly. He worked closely with Clara from my team to ensure that we had the relevant insight to help our case, and ensured that we understood the data and insight he was providing.”

“The UK Market Intelligence team are a great resource for Scottish food and drink businesses."