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Published: 08/09/2018

Food Tourism Scotland

Creating a global food tourism destination and unlocking a £1 billion growth opportunity.

Scotland Food & Drink and Scottish Tourism Alliance launched Scotland’s very first Food Tourism Action Plan in 2018, marking a significant milestone in the future of our food and drink and tourism

Representing two of the country’s most successful and ambitious industries, the aim was to double the value of the sector by £1bn and become a globally-recognised destination where high-quality, memorable food and drink experiences are delivered by proud and passionate local ambassadors.

With record visitors coming to Scotland, allied with a world-class, and growing, food and drink industry, we have a powerful foundation for unlocking Scotland’s food tourism potential. This is a potential born from the very clear global demand for quality food and drink with provenance, alongside real and memorable experiences that capture the essence of the destination. Visitors, from near and far, want to get under the skin of a place and there is no better way to do that than through its food and drink.

You can read Scotland’s Food Tourism Action Plan here.

Update - Summer 2021

Due to the pandemic, the original oversight board was reconfigured to a short-term food tourism recovery group in Spring 2020, tasked with aligning the plan with the food and drink and tourism sector recovery plans.

A summary of the progress with the original food tourism plan actions can be found here, together with an update on new actions developed since.

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