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As you know, the past few years market changes, increased operating costs and decreased profit margins have created a perfect storm of financial challenges.  

This also means businesses in our industry are not in a position to invest in their workforce, infrastructure or innovation - which would speed up recovery. It is essential to look for solutions that provide businesses with more access to working and investment capital to empower them to make those necessary investments in the future. And that’s where we can help. 

Funding support available to you

Find business support summarises all public sector funding available to businesses. 

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Scottish EDGE

Scottish EDGE is a competition aimed at identifying and supporting Scotland’s up-and-coming, innovative, high-growth entrepreneurial talent. 

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Scottish National Investment Bank

The Bank was launched in November 2020 to be a development investment bank for Scotland, delivering patient, mission impact investment to the Scottish economy. 

The Bank will provide patient (long term) capital to businesses and projects throughout Scotland to support the development of a fairer, more sustainable economy. 

The Bank has an ambition to not only invest its allocated public capital, but to encourage additional private capital to invest alongside it, to support the delivery of the missions. 

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Support from our Affiliate Members

Our accounting, finance, legal and business advisors affiliate members are here to help. Whether its R&D tax relief, crowd funding help, angel investment or general financial planning, they are here to help.

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