Supply chain

Increase stability and efficiency for distribution, energy, packaging, technical and training, and utilities.

Building supply chain resilience

Commodities prices. Packaging. CO2 shortages. Haulage vehicle stops and checks. Disruption at ports and harbours. These are just some of the hurdles our industry has had to navigate in recent times. There’s more we can do to safeguard ourselves from the worst impacts and respond more effectively to disruptions and instability.  

Food security is a priority. As a nation, we can strengthen our own supply chains while also looking at how we can support those beyond our shores. We’re building supply resilience to mitigate risks associated with climate change and improve supply chain efficiency, as well as looking at local infrastructure challenges. 

Supply chain support delivered by SAOS 

As Scotland’s experts on farmer co-ops and food industry collaboration, SAOS provides a range of specialist information, development and consultancy services to help businesses work together more effectively. When it comes to the development of co-operative, sustainable and resilient food and drink supply chains in Scotland, SAOS leads the way. 

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Reap the benefits of superior supply chain support 

Finding commonalities, vulnerabilities, and opportunities for collaboration will be key to supply chains that are better connected, mutually beneficial and more secure.  

Our affiliate members across the supply chain offer exclusive benefits and discounts to Scotland Food & Drink members. They’re hear to help you limit your costs, find the most efficient processes and in turn increase your profitability. 

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Become an affiliate member to take advantage of our network 

Operate in the food and drink supply chain? Our affiliate membership gives you the support you need from our dedicated business development manager, gives you access to our network and allows you to easily engage with food and drink producers.  


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