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We are the only food and drink body in the world which facilitates and enables government and industry to work side by side. Our commitment to strengthening reputations, developing growth strategies and broadening networks will deliver the competitive edge for our members and continued success for Scotland’s food and drink industry. We are Scotland Food & Drink.

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Recovering from Coronavirus and fuelling Brexit preparation

The pandemic changed everything and the next great disruptor, Brexit, is on the horizon. So we must adapt to the new realities – and make them work for us. This recovery plan amplifies and accelerates the current core work of the Scotland Food & Drink Partnership in delivering Ambition 2030. Critically though, it adds new catalyst actions to jump start and expediate the recovery.

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Scotland Food & Drink offers a comprehensive range of benefits and services specifically for members, over and above the wider industry representation function that it also performs. We are here to help our members grow.

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Scotland Food & Drink is the kind of umbrella organisation that is essential to help growth across the food and drink sector.
Iain Stirling


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