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Published: 08/09/2018

Planting the Seeds of Growth: a strategy for fruit, vegetable and potato growth to 2030

Scotland’s food and drink industry aims to double its value to £30bn annually by 2030. The fruit, vegetable and potato (FVP) sector shares its ambition to grow. We’re already a successful, efficient and innovative sector, and we want to be more so.

To make this happen, a working group of leading businesses and stakeholders in the FVP sector has put in place a strategy for sector growth. Meeting regularly over 2017–18 and gathering input from other organisations and businesses, we have developed a plan for growth based on four main elements:

  • Seeking to add value at all points
  • Collaborating and innovating along the supply chain and in partnership with the public sector and others
  • Developing a plan for people and skills in the sector
  • Understanding and targeting opportunities for markets, products, crops etc.
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