Naturally Scottish

Scotland's New Food and Drink Sector Brand

Naturally Scottish is Scotland's new food and drink sector brand. Created for industry, by industry, the brand was chosen for its bright, modern look and feel that accurately reflects the people and passion behind Scotland’s food and drink sector.

an encapsulation of our passion, pride, and personality

Scotland’s food and drink is world-renowned – from our iconic produce like salmon, gin, shellfish, whisky, berries, and beef through to less expected stars like vegetables, condiments, baking, and confectionery. And the provenance, the place, and the people all play a part in making it what it is. But there’s something more intangible at work here. Scottish food and drink is, in fact, a natural expression of what Scots - and Scotland – are all about; an encapsulation of our passion, pride, and personality. So, whether it’s literally ‘from nature’ or not, it doesn’t matter… it’s all ‘Naturally Scottish’. 

taking our incredible larder to the global stage

This new branding will bring a strategic edge to Scotland’s food and drink sector, taking our incredible larder to the global stage at a whole new scale. 

Watch all of our Naturally Scottish Case Studies on our YouTube channel.

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If you have any questions about Naturally Scottish, please get in touch and the Brands and Communications Team will get back to you. 

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