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Published: 15/02/2017

Aquaculture Growth to 2030: a strategic plan for farming Scotland’s seas.

In 2016, a Working Group of leading aquaculture businesses and organisations came together to create a growth strategy for aquaculture in Scotland to 2030.

The aim was to deliver an ambitious, industry-led plan for sustainable growth across the entire aquaculture value chain. Aquaculture in Scotland is diverse, from the farming of salmon and other finfish species, to the production of mussels and oysters, to the harvesting of seaweed. It contributes over £1.8bn annually to Scotland’s economy and sustains the economic and social fabric of the Highlands and Islands in particular. But the potential contribution of farming Scotland’s seas is far greater. Research points to a potential annual contribution of £3.6bn or more by 2030. The number of jobs supported by the sector could reach 18,000.

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