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Published: 28/11/2018

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A £17bn opportunity

The UK opportunity for Scottish food and drink businesses is immense.

Right on our doorstep is a growing market of over 66 million people, where currency, language, location and logistics work in our favour.

It’s a market where Scotland already has a strong and growing reputation. And it’s a market where in every trade scenario post-Brexit, excellent opportunities await us. It is already our biggest market, this strategy will take us to the next level.

Our goal is to double our turnover in Scotland and the rest of the UK from £8.6bn to £17bn by 2030.

We’ve designed the UK Market Development Strategy to make this happen. The strategy shows how Scotland Food & Drink will collaborate with public-sector and industry partners to define and build markets and develop programmes to support businesses to extend their capabilities and deliver new

In short, to gain competitive edge and grow and sustain profitable sales.

There’s something in this strategy for every food and drink business in Scotland. Now it’s time to grab the support and opportunities on offer.

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