Improve your Food and Drink supply chain resilience and profitability

Nov 09, 2023

Conferences & seminars

Join the Digital Supply Chain Hub and other partners for a half-day of practical insights on how to drive greater resilience and profitability in your supply chain. On Thursday 9th November at the AFRC near Glasgow Airport, learn how businesses are using technology to improve forecasting, compliance and supply chain management.

This in-person event is fully funded by Made Smarter Innovation for food & drink SME manufacturers, and can lead to additional funded support opportunities.

Experts from the Digital Supply Chain Hub and partners will showcase practical examples from the Food and Drink and related sectors including:

• Intelligent supply and demand for Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference fresh pork supply chain
• Demonstrating compliance with customer trading requirements
• Secure and permission-led digital tools and services for B2B collaboration
• Other examples tailored to participant requirements

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