Our Expert Judging Panel

The judging panel is made up of decision-making buyers, influencers and chefs from across the food and drink sector. Bringing real commercial edge and years of industry experience over the years we have had some fantastic judges at The Excellence Awards.

Judging Process

In tasted categories all products are prepared for the judges by qualified chefs. Tasted products can be for either the food service or the retail market, and will be judged within the relevant context. Written answers for both tasted and business categories will be judged blind.

Judging Criteria

Our judges are looking for informative and well-planned answers. Entrants are solely responsible for the accuracy of the information they supply. Neither the organisers nor judges will have capacity to carry out additional research so entrants should ensure that all questions are answered.

Entries will be allocated points for their applications, weighted as follows:

Tasted Categories

Application form – 30%
Packaging – 15%
Tasted – 55%

Business Categories

Application form – 100%
(Unless stated otherwise on application form. e.g. interview process.)

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