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Scottish products have never been in more demand across the UK

There is a huge and accessible market of 66 million people right here on your doorstep. If you’re not sure how best to engage that audience, then we can help. 

How we help

If you’re a producer, we can help you grow your markets and develop the skills, accreditation and knowledge to facilitate growth.  

If you’re a retailer, wholesaler or foodservice operator, we can work with you to make the most of Scottish food and drink and a very receptive market. 

What we do

To drive business growth, our UK Market Development team are: 

  • Defining the opportunities, strategies, and strengths needed for growth 
  • Developing the relationships, programmes and skills to capture the opportunities 
  • Delivering events, connections, training and support with BRCGS and SALSA accreditation to businesses like yours 

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Opportunities at your fingertips

Take a look at events and programmes organised to aid in your UK growth

Meet the Buyer & Briefing Events

We work with trade customers from all market sectors, forging relationships with key category buyers and decision makers to identify new and exclusive sales opportunities for our members. 

Our programme of meet the buyer events runs throughout the year with retailers, wholesalers and foodservice. These popular events highlight new commercial opportunities and present an opportunity for you to pitch to buyers from across the UK for the chance to secure new business and grow your sales. 

Take a look at upcoming events

Showcasing Scotland (UK & International)

Showcasing Scotland is Scotland’s largest international food and drink trade event, offering UK and international food and drink buyers and Scottish suppliers an unparalleled commercial opportunity on a truly global scale. 

Showcasing Scotland offers three days of carefully curated events which will showcase the very best of Scotland’s produce, helping to build new trade relationships and secure future business. 

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Sourcing Scotland

Sourcing Scotland bring together suppliers from all over Scotland with buyers from retail, wholesale and foodservice to help grow the sales of Scottish products across the country. 

Build relationships, discover new products, and secure future business at this event, part of the Scotland Food & Drink Partnership’s recovery plan, funded by the Scottish Government. 

Take a look at upcoming Sourcing Scotland events.

Trade Shows & Exhibitions

The UK Market Development team work closely with exhibition and trade show organisers; looking for the best opportunities for you to showcase your products and target the right audiences. We’ll make sure you are attending the shows right for you, opening doors to new markets and customers. 

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Supplier Development Programmes with UK Trade Partners

Delivered in partnership with major retailers and foodservice businesses, our structured supplier training programmes enable ambitious businesses to develop vital skills and connections to accelerate their growth. Access relevant insight, best practice and new opportunities to achieve sustainable success with your key customers. Deep dive programmes, typically over several months, offer a modular system of detailed briefings and seminars, peer-to-peer learning and a personal business coach.  

SALSA certification

Brand Reputation Compliance Global Standards (BRCGS) certification

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