Case Study: Feragaia

Scotland’s first distilled alcohol-free spirit made from land and sea botanicals.

Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight
Published: 17/09/2021

Can you tell us a bit about your business?

Feragaia is Scotland’s first distilled alcohol-free spirit made from land and sea botanicals. Feragaia’s process combines time-honoured distillation techniques with pioneering innovation. The delicate flavours of flowers and leaves combine with the earthier notes of root botanicals and spices to create a complex and layered drink. After launching in 2019, we are now selling across the UK and into international markets.

What has been the biggest lesson you have learned over the last few years?

During these strange times, we have learned that face to face contact is much more valuable than through technology of over the phone or email.

And what opportunities are you looking forward to grasping in the coming years?

We are currently selling products in two international markets so we are looking forward to expanding our export opportunities. There are also plans in place for operational expansion at our head quarters here in Fife.

What is your favourite thing about Scotland’s food and drink industry?

As Feragaia uses 14 botanicals from both land and sea, our favourite thing about the industry is the quality of natural ingredients that we have at our finger tips here in Scotland.

Why is it important for consumers to support Scottish producers?

Rural jobs are very important to all regional communities, and Scottish producers support so many of them directly, and indirectly.

Finally, how are you celebrating this Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight?

We will be celebrating Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight with a local drink, and a local meal!

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