Case Study: Nuisance Drinks

Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight
Published: 09/09/2021

Can you tell us a bit about your business?

At Nuisance we make premium, sparkling botanical soda mixers inspired by the British countryside. Sip or mix – each of our drinks can be enjoyed either by themselves or mixed with some of the finest spirits around.

We launched the business by making nettle cordial foraged from the 6,500 acre Hopetoun Estate in West Lothian. This year we extended our range and rebranded. We now have 3 flavours:

  1. Wild Bramble & Rosemary
  2. Wild Nettle
  3. Mint, Cucumber & Chilli

What has been the biggest lesson you have learned over the last few years?

We’ve learned that things won’t always go smoothly but it’s about how you respond to your mistakes and not to let them get you down that matters.

And what opportunities are you looking forward to grasping in the coming years?

The next couple of year’s hold a lot of opportunity for us. We’re very excited to be making our first hires and to be building the brand further particularly within the UK market.

What is your favourite thing about Scotland’s food and drink industry?

I love the diversity of food and drink on offer and the passion that the country has for food and drink. Scottish food and drink comes with a premium association which is great to have.

Why is it important for consumers to support Scottish producers?

In any industry it’s massively important to support local businesses but particularly within product led industries like food and drink, where economies of scale can be a real headwind for small producers. Supporting small producers can help us to compete with bigger brands in a tough market.

Finally, how are you celebrating this Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight?

We will be celebrating with lots of food and lots of Nuisance mixed cocktails!

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