Highland Boundary - First Wild Scottish Bitters

Boutique Perthshire Distillery releases first ever Scottish cocktail bitters made only with wild botanicals in bid to reach Net Zero.

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Published: 30/04/2023

Highland Boundary distillery, Alyth, Perthshire, have released the world’s first wild Scottish aromatic cocktail bitters. In a bid to re-connect people with nature and help Scotland reach its Net Zero target Highland Boundary have developed Wild Scottish Bitters, made only from sustainably harvested wild Scottish botanicals. The bitters recipe has been seven years in development with each botanical ingredient being individually prepared using specific maturation conditions.

Distillery co-founder Dr Marian Bruce says:

“We work individually with each wild plant to determine the conditions to extract the best flavour, then we combine them to achieve the final recipe that brings an aromatic bitterness essential to cocktails and which enhances the flavours of the other cocktail ingredients.”

Bitters are an essential part of many classic cocktails and are usually made with tropical plants and imported from overseas, with the resultant carbon footprint from global shipping. Highland Boundary are wild flavour innovators, reviving and modernising ancient traditions and the cultural use of Scotland’s native plants in spirits. Their unique and diverse production methods are rigorously and scientifically developed to extract the maximum flavour from our native flora.

Distillery co-founder Simon Montador says:

“We have lost the cultural connection with most of our native flora in Scotland. At Highland Boundary distillery we work only with wild Scottish plants to research and restore this knowledge and aim to re-connect people back to nature through the unique flavours found in our wild landscapes.”

In a collab made in heaven (or Leith, which is pretty close) Highland Boundary are working with Master whisky blenders Whisky Row whose Smooth & Sweet Edition is the perfect accompaniment to Wild Scottish Bitters making classic whisky cocktails come alive with wild flavours. Whisky Row is crafted in Leith, the beating heart of Edinburgh’s historic whisky district, and is a collection of three deliciously distinctive drams, each with a character as dramatic and distinctive as the streets that inspired it. From the warehouses of Leith to the vaults of the Old Town and merchant homes of Royal Terrace, Whisky Row delivers a memorable journey through the very finest of flavours.

Highland Boundary and Whisky Row bring expertise and innovation to Scottish spirits and the launch party, hosted by whisky expert Colin Hinds at his Tipsy Midgie whisky bar in Edinburgh, will celebrate a modern take on the traditional – creating the perfect partner for every palate.

Simon adds:

“With whisky being one of Scotland’s biggest exports these Wild Scottish Bitters build on our heritage of great drinks distilling. It’s fantastic to collaborate with the progressive team from Whisky Row to launch the first ever Scottish cocktail bitters at Edinburgh’s favourite whisky bar. The bitters bring a lovely balance to both traditional and modern cocktails and we look forward to seeing how cocktail bartenders and enthusiasts will use them going forward.” Available first at the wonderful Balgove Larder, St. Andrews from 2nd May, online and in fine spirits retailers across Scotland.

Make one of the most famous whisky cocktails in the world - The Old Fashioned:

  • Half a cap of Wild Scottish Bitters (all our packaging is plastic free so the bottle doesn’t have a plastic shaker insert – so just measure using the cap)
  • 2 measures (50mls) Whisky Row Smooth & Sweet Edition
  • 2 teaspoons of sugar syrup

More details and cocktail recipes at https://highlandboundary.com/products/wild-scottish-bitters

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