Sowing the Seeds of Sustainable Growth: The Scottish Seed Potato Sector Sets out its Strategy for the Future

This week sees the launch of Sowing the Seeds of Sustainable Growth – a strategy for Scottish seed potato sector.

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Published: 05/06/2023

This week sees the launch of Sowing the Seeds of Sustainable Growth – a strategy for Scottish seed potato sector. The strategic action plan has been created in consultation and collaboration with a range of growers, support organisations and research bodies, who have provided their insight, experience, openness and vision.

The strategic action plan is the catalyst for change. The document aims to enable the Scottish seed potato sector to work collaboratively to face the challenges ahead and create a profitable future based on sustainable practices. 

In conjunction with industry, SAOS has created Sowing the Seed for Sustainable Growth to deliver a series of realistic actions that can be the springboard to move forward collectively. The actions are wide and varied and have been developed specifically to support the sector in addressing its key challenges.

The strategic action plan identifies the immediate challenges faced by the industry. The aim is to provide the right mix of opportunity, ambition, and realism to meet these challenges, with the seed potato sector and our supporting partners well-placed to drive meaningful change.

Patrick Hughes, Agri-food Specialist at SAOS, said: “We hope that progress on the Scottish seed potato strategic action plan will provide confidence for the sector to invest, innovate and continue to move forward embracing sustainable practices. By working together and delivering the actions and recommendations set out in the document, we can create a profitable, sustainable and robust seed potato sector for generations to come.

“The strategy has been developed around a number of key areas, including industry empowerment, greater collaboration and communication, as well as addressing climate change and long-term sustainability. Enhancing research activities and improving marketing practices also feature. Our favourable climate, expertise and our longstanding farming heritage is supported by a world-renowned network of research organisations. Combined, we possess the perfect platform for producing high health, high quality seed potatoes which underpins the unique selling points of the sector.”

You can view/download the new strategy at: Scottish Seed Potato Sector Strategy

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