Iain Baxter

Chief Executive

Iain Baxter is Chief Executive of Scotland Food & Drink.

Scotland Food & Drink (SF&D) was set up in 2007 to grow the value and reputation of Scotland's food and drink industry.  Through its uniquely collaborative approach, Scotland's food and drink sector has gone from a static position in 2007 to now being one of  Scotland’s best performing sectors with an annual turnover of £14 billion.

As a membership organisation with over 400 member companies, it provides support and guidance to food and drink businesses all of all sizes to achieve their growth ambitions.

In March 2017, SF&D led the development of Ambition 2030 - a strategy to drive the responsible growth in the value of the sector to £30bn by 2030.  Evidence of SF&D's ability to bridge between the public and private sectors was the announcement of a joint funding package where SF&D's private sector income is being trebled with government funds to create a £10m package to fund industry development work.


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